R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

August 21, 1870

     The beautiful horse Unknown was killed coming home from the races Friday.

     The Achilles of Westport and the Antelopes played yesterday with 68 for the latter and 42 for the Achilles.

      Whatever peccadilloes lawyers may usually have, they were all on the square yesterday.

   Attention is called to Mrs. Warren's select school for young ladies and children, which will open the 5th proximo.

     McMahon, who went to the calaboose for violating the dog law, thrust his arm between the pickets of the pound, grabbed his dog and raised him hand over hand on the inside to the top and by a neat turn of the wrist violated the law and released his pup.

     The Hectors received a dispatch from Mr. C. O. Bishop, secretary of the Union Club of St. Louis, stating that they would be in the city next Thursday to play a match game with the Hectors.  The Unions are champions of the state and the game will be interesting.  We have great faith in our little Hecks and expect them to give the Unions a sharp tussle.

     Yesterday the signal torch was lighted and all over the city were made the first preparations for the political contest.  The campaign has opened -- the first notes have been sounded and all along the line was evinced a determination to respond to the summons in battle array. The 20th of August was the day appointed for the selection of delegates to the Democratic county convention that meets in Independence on the 5th of September.  Two meetings were held in the city, one in McGee's Addition and one in the court house.  In McGee's Addition about three hundred Democratic citizens assembled.  The meeting was called to order by Judge Carpenter.  The first thing in order was the selection of a chairman, to which position Messrs. Carpenter, Milligan and Haire were nominated.  In order to test the matter an old time practice was resuscitated -- each gentleman taking a position in the room and their adherents clustering around them.  The result was in favor of Judge Carpenter.

     At 2 o'clock a large number of Democrats, residents in the Northern District of Kaw Township, met at the courthouse in response to a call made by the county executive committee for the purpose of appointing delegates to the county convention.  Judge Bales, after explaining the object of the meeting, announced that the election of the chairman was in order.  Captain Keeler was elected.

     The state missionary convention of the Christian Church of Missouri will meet at Independence on Tuesday, the 23rd.  A large attendance is expected.