R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

August 23, 1870

    Youthful anglers are trying their luck in the frog ponds in the city.

     Our wholesale trade is rapidly increasing.  Large orders from Kansas are being daily received.

     The match game between the Hectors of this city and the Unions of St. Louis comes off Thursday at the driving park.  The members of the horse association  have all been supplied with tickets and they will please bring them lest some misunderstanding occur.

     The Post Boy arrived yesterday, discharging her freight and returned to St. Louis.

     We learn that Miss Phoebe Cozzins of St. Louis, the women's rights woman, will soon be in our city and will lecture upon that subject.  She will undoubtedly draw a large audience.

     We were pleased to receive a call from Colonel Woodson of Clay County.  Colonel Woodson is one of the most prominent men of Clay and a citizen that any county or community might feel proud to claim.

     Those delicious lunches spread at 10 o'clock each day by Charlie Kendall, the prince lunchist, at his saloon under the Crafton House are the center of attraction for many hungry beings.

     Two young men were driving two fast horses yesterday when the buggy to which the horses were attached came in contact with a wagon.  One of the wheels of the buggy was wrenched off and the occupants thrown out.

     We notice upon our streets in the last few days the "phiz" of some vagrants who left our city a month or so ago.  We hope that their stay will be short and that when they leave these abodes they will never return.  Gentlemen, beware!  You are spotted.

     Remember the picnic at Sugar Tree Grove in Clay County tomorrow.  The proceeds are for the benefit of the Widows' and Orphans' Home.