R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

September 12, 1890.

     The bull fight was postponed yesterday on account of wet weather.

     Silver plated bell material and bronzed steel gongs at J. E. Forbes & Co.'s, 904 Main street.

    Col. E. M. McGee and the Denver excursionists reached Kansas City yesterday.  He reports them as having a splendid time all the way out and back.

     The magnificent new buildings on the corner of Fifth and Walnut streets are rapidly nearing completion.  Already workmen have been engaged to commence, plastering on Monday and in a few weeks the storeroom will be occupied.  The rooms upstairs will be used by insurance agents, lawyers and doctors.

     Canine rumpus -- The mayor's extensive dog and another nearly as large but of a different color, became agitated early yesterday morning and being right in the center of a large crowd, they got to fighting.  A ring was quickly formed and fair play was about to be shown, when the owner of the other dog snatched him out of harm's way and citizens resumed their usual business.

     Hon. John Severance, mayor of St. Joseph, was in the city yesterday and thinks Kansas City a huge city, but not equal to St. Joe.  Wait awhile, Colonel, until the census is footed up.

     On tomorrow an election will be held for three school directors for the city of Independence.  The following gentlemen have been selected as the candidates:  William H . Franklin, James  Herson and V. M. Hobbs.