R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

September 13, 1870.

    The Viola Belle came down from Omaha, being the first boat that has arrived for several days.

     Camp meeting tickets for sale at Chamberlain & Phillips's new store, 1215 1/2 Grand Avenue.

     The Emmet Club of Kansas City will give its first annual ball at Long's Hall on Friday evening.  A cordial invitation is hereby extended to al lovers of the merry dance.  Tickets can be had at the door or from members of the club.  The following will be the managers:  M. H. MacNamara, John Conlan, John Kelley, M. A. Ward, John Donnely, Timothy Haire, Dennis O'Neil, A. P. Mangan.

     The St. James Hotel -- Without, its magnificence is the pride of the city; but few persons are aware of the complete and metropolitan appearance of its interior arrangements.  It is fitted up in a style not equaled west of New York.  Brussels carpets cover the floors, linen sheets and mosquito bars add to its comfort and everything possible will be done for the comfort of the guests.  On and after the 15th of September the rates will be reduced to $3 per day.  If you want accommodations at a first class hotel, give Mr. J. C. Parks, the gentlemanly proprietor of the St. James, a call.

The following are the victorious candidates of the Democratic primary election for the Western District of Jackson County:  John G. Harden, marshal; H. J. Latshaw, representative; John C. Conlon, justice of hte peace; James McMenamin, constable.

     The fine brick business house of Messrs. Smart & Swope, on Main Street above the Junction, is almost completed and is quite an attraction to that portion of the city.

     The magnificent business house of Mr. T. B. Bullene is being rapidly pushed forward and will be completed before the winter sets in.

     The buildings of Mr. J. C. McCoy on the corner of Walnut and Fifth will be ready for occupancy in a few days.