R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

September 14, 1870.

     Tomorrow the Confederate monument at Lone Jack will be dedicated.

     Hon. Carl Schurz, United States senator, will address the citizens of Jackson County at this place Saturday next in the interest of the Brown ticket. 

     Frank's Hall is undergoing much needed repairs and is being decidedly improved in its appearance.  The ceilings have been frescoed, and the proprietor will, in a few days, add new scenery.  This will render it a very desirable hall and is just what should have been done some time since.

     The Knights Templar of this city take pleasure in announcing that they will have the honor of opening Coates's new opera house, on Broadway, with their first annual reception and banquet Thursday, September 29, and are making preparations for the finest entertainment ever attempted in this portion of the West.

     Yesterday morning Mr. Robert A. Frame, a young lawyer of this city, and also route agent for The Times, left for St. Joseph with the avowed purpose of taking unto himself a wife.  By this time he has joined the army of the benedicts.  May he never regret this insane step.

     On Sunday last the bridal nuptials of Mr. John Hickey of this place and Miss Mary A. Larkins of Independence were witnessed at the Rev. Father Kennedy's church at the latter place by quite a number of friends of both the bride and the groom.  We understand that they are to become permanent residents of our city and we hope they will enjoy many happy and blissful years.

     Last Monday someone without fear of God or man broke into the residence of Mr. X. X. Buckner on Locust Street with the intention of appropriating property not belonging to him.  He entered through the kitchen window, but made noises sufficient to arouse the lady of the house (Mr. Buckner was absent), who by several prolonged shrieks soon brought a neighbor to her assistance when the thief took flight.