R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

September 24, 1870.

     Professor Galloway gives another one of those delightful hops Monday night.

     Ex-Gov George H. Smith, Radical candidate for Congress, was in the city yesterday.

     Dr. I. B. Woodson has removed his office to the corner of Fifth and Walnut streets, entrance on Walnut, two doors south of Fifth.

     Mr. G. A. Peeples, formerly of Independence, but now living on a farm, eight miles from that city, had his barn struck by lightning yesterday.  A span of mules in the stable at that time were knocked down and severely injured.  Mr. Peeples and two of his sons also were in the barn, but were not injured further than a severe shock.

     Today Mrs. A. A. Wood will display a very choice selection of French importations, comprising bonnets, round hats, novelties in real hair, genuine laces and so forth.  Mrs. Miles, having charge of the dressmaking department, will exhibit a full line of ready made dresses.

     Yesterday Mr. Lindsey of Gallatin, Mo., exhibited to us a book depository, patented by Mr. R. L. Dodge of that place, which will, we think, become indispensable in every office and counting room in the land.

     Some days since Colonel Lowe, living near the State Line, lost a valuable horse and buggy by theft.  The officers of the law by prompt action and commendable vigilance cornered the thief and Thursday morning Marshal Speers received notice from Leavenworth of his capture and recovery of the property.