R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

September 25, 1870.

     The population of Omaha, according to the official figures of the marshal, is 16,147.  Kansas City can double that nicely and still have a few thousand to spare.

     Mr. John Crafton, Jr., has our sincerest thanks for the finest assortment of the largest grapes and pears ever brought to this city.  They came with him from the Far West -- from Denver -- where he returns today.  Wherever he goes may success, commensurate with his great kindness and generosity, follow him.

     A baseball game was played yesterday evening between the Unions and Missouri Valleys, resulting in a victory for the former in a score of 76 to 9.

     Deputy Marshal Malloy returned yesterday from Leavenworth, having in his charge a man accused of stealing a horse and buggy at the state line a day or two ago.

     Mr. George E. Weikert of the firm of Weikert  & Homan, returned yesterday from an extended trip to the lakes, looking all the better for his brief respite from business.  He reports a visit to many pleasant cities, but very few that can compare with Kansas City from a business point of view.  However, in common with his legion of friends, we are glad to welcome him home again.

      Mr. J. T. Parkinson yesterday was elected president of the Kansas City Mutual Home Building Association, in place of William A. Benton, resigned.