R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

September 4, 1870.

     Hay and stove wood were plentiful on the square yesterday.

     A large number of elegant private residences are being erected in different parts of the city.

     A runaway occurred yesterday afternoon at the Union Depot which woke the echoes in that now quiet locality to a considerable degree.  A farmer's two-horse wagon came down Bluff street and, becoming frightened at a passing train, dashed around the little news stand on the corner and out toward the North Missouri depot.  The driver succeeded in stopping them before any harm was done.

     River news is dull.  The past week has seen scarcely five boats either way.

     The evening sessions of Spalding's Business College for the year 1870-1871 will commence Monday evening, September 5 at 7 o'clock.

     The Women's Christian Association held its regular monthly meeting on Thursday afternoon.  The attendance was not so large as was desired, but a sufficient number were present to awaken considerable interest in the transaction of business.  After the reading of well selected passages from the Scriptures by the president an acceptable prayer was offered by Mrs. J. G. Marlatt.  Mrs. S. W. Coates reported assistance rendered to the amount of $2.50.

     Tomorrow evening Professor Galloway will give the first annual opening at his dancing academy, corner of Eighth and Main streets.  The affair will be one of the most select of the season and those receiving invitations should not fail to attend.

     Yesterday the Hectors played a match game with the Achilles of Westport, the score standing 90 to 36, in favor of the Hectors.