R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

September 7, 1870.

     The census takers have almost finished their labors.

     The street railway has reached Walnut Street from Grand Avenue.

     A Spanish bull fight takes place at the driving park next Saturday.  Lovers of the sport should be on hand at 2 o'clock p. m.

     We are authorized to announce the candidacy of Charles H. Vincent for the election to the office of clerk of the Kansas City Court of Common Pleas.

     Mrs. A. J. Ryan, the Kansas excursionist, called on us yesterday and represents the prospects as extremely promising for a large party on the 12th.

     Last night Long's Hall was crowded to its utmost capacity with attendants on the ball for the benefit of the widows and orphans of the Fatherland.  The hall was decked with evergreen wreaths thickly interspersed with German and American flags and presented a beautiful appearance.  Tables, loaded with beer and wines, and refreshments of all kinds and everything necessary for the comfort and pleasure of the visitors lined the room.  At an early hour the dancing began and then began the fun in earnest.  Volrath's Band discoursed the most entrancing music and in the intoxicating pleasures of the dance time passed swiftly.  Altogether the fair and festival was a grand success.  Over $1,000 was made from the festival and yesterday the receipts were swelled to nearly $2,500.