R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

October 14, 1870.

   The hotels were all full yesterday.

     Col. John Doniphan, Col. Jim Burns and the Hon. E. H. Norton of Platte, are in the city.

     Col. J. T. Child of the Richmond Conservator, and Col. Mark DeMotte of the Lexington Register are also here.

     Mr. George B. Clark, editor of the Journal, Potosi, Mo., we are glad to welcome to our city.

     Some inhuman monster poisoned a very fine dog belonging to Stephens & Son yesterday.  A reward of $25 is offered for the detection of the perpetrator.

     We trust our citizens will not forget the lecture at Long's Hall tonight.  Mrs. J. Smilie Wilson speaks in opposition to woman suffrage, and we hope the ho use will be filled to the utmost capacity.  She has the reputation of being an excellent lady lecturer.  Then, remember tonight in Long's Hall.

     There will be a sociable this evening in the Tenth Street room at Coates's Opera House, given by the ladies of the Unitarian Society, and we can safely promise all who may favor the ladies with their company a very pleasant evening.

      There will be a meeting of the ex-Confederate soldiers at the law office of Capt. T. A. Gill, over Mastin's Bank this evening at 7:30 o'clock to make arrangements for a memorial meeting some evening next week, to take action in regard to the death of Gen. Robert E. Lee.  It is desired that there be a full attendance.