R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

October 15, 1870.

   Owing to repairs now going on on the English Lutheran Church on New Delaware Street there will be no services there tomorrow.

     Last evening the Unitarian Society gave another sociable in their room in the Coates's Opera House.  This one, like the rest, was a success and well attended.  About 9 o'clock Volrath's magnificent band arrived, and dancing commenced, which was kept up until a late hour.

     Mr. G. W. Thomas, the gentlemanly representative of the substantial wholesale grocery establishment of  Thomas Ryan, St. Louis, was in the city yesterday.

     The Second Ward in Lawrence has seven churches.

     Wood is selling for $5 a cord in Lawrence.

     Married on the 29th of September by the Rev. N. A. Rankin, Mr. John T. Shuck to Miss Sarah B. Washington, all of Johnson County.

     Samuel D. Vaughan & Co., real estate agency, office in Vaughan's Diamond.

     The Hectors of our city were beaten at baseball yesterday by the Athletics of Lexington.  The score was 32 to 20.