R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

October 20, 1870.

  The building of Messrs. Askew, Du Bois & Co., will soon be ready for occupancy.

     P. T. Barnum, the great showman, was in the city yesterday bound for the buffalo regions.

     Mr. H. T. Wright has placed upon our table a copy of Josh Billings's "Farmers' Almanax" for 1871.  It is rich, rare and racy.

     Grading streets is now in order in many parts of our city.  Workmen commenced grading Fifth Street, between Charlotte and Locust last Monday.  The residents in that part of the city are high glee over the prospects of soon having pavements.

     We were shown a sweet potato yesterday by Mr. John Gilday, raised on St. Mary's Mission farm, (Father Ward) weighing ten pounds, and measuring twenty-four inches in circumference.  What size do pumpkins grow in that region?

     Mr. C. H. Vincent has opened the books of "The Great Western Land Office Company" in Room No. 2 of Hart's new building.  He has a complete abstract to the title of every foot of land in Jackson County.  Mr. George M. Winship at present presides over the books.
     Mr. William Shannon, Jr., Democratic candidate for the legislature in Douglas County, Kansas, and one of the directors of the Lawrence Standard, was in the city yesterday.

     The following prominent railroad gentlemen and Eastern tourists were in the city yesterday, at the St. James:  J. F. Joy, Hudson E. Bridge, T. McKissock, W. O. Seers, F. A. Hill, George A. Wells, Philip Taylor, James Wilson, D. W. Sherwood, Fletcher Howell, John Fish, T. W. Downs, D. M. Reed, T. B. Hodtckiss and P. T. Barnum.