R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

October 25, 1870.

     Attention is called to the change of time on the North Missouri Railroad.  The "through express" leaves for the East at 1:55 a. m.; the "night express" at 4:50 p. m., and the "mail and express" at 6:45.

     Mr. Thomas, well known in this place as the former city editor of the Times, returned yesterday to his old camping ground.  He has been, recently, engaged on the Missouri Democrat.  We are glad to see our late fellow quill-driver looking so hale and hearty, and wish him the best of success in whatever he undertakes.

     The Israelites of this city are to have a grand ball in the course of a week or two.  So Madam Rumor has it, and the same veracious lady avers that the proposed ball will be one of the most elegant ever given here.

     At seven o'clock yesterday morning a man named J. S. St. Clair, stopping at the Broadway Hotel, shot himself through the heart, and fell backward from the window in which he was sitting, to the ground.  An examination proved that he had fastened about his neck two valise straps, and attached them to the bed.  Determined to put an end to his existence he took three methods to accomplish his purpose, so that if one failed, and if two failed, there would still be a third.  Accordingly he prepared for strangulation, took position in the window, leaning out with the revolver in hand.  He evidently intended, if his pistol shot failed to kill him, to throw himself backward and choke to death, and if the leather strap broke he would fall to the ground and break his neck in this manner.

     Buffalo lunch and Quincy lager beer this morning, at 10 o'clock, at the "Delmonico," Mr. John L. Keep, proprietor.