R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

October 4, 1870.

     Four hundred tickets have been sold to the Horace Greeley lecture.

     Mr. R. W. Hilliker returned yesterday from an extended visit to Omaha.

     The "Germania," the new singing society of our city, was definitely constituted last evening.

     A new business house is being erected on Fifth Street, between Wyandotte and Broadway.

     A buggy came in collision with an omnibus in West Kansas City yesterday.  It boasts of only three wheels now.

     S. S. Baker, 700 Main Street, will open on Wednesday his great Boston Dollar Sale.  One of the attractive features of their superb stock is the fine collection of German and American chromos.

     On next Saturday evening the magnificent opera house of Col. Kersey Coates will open with a first class dramatic troupe.  Mr. Charles Pape, recent manager of the St. Charles Opera House of New Orleans, and known all over the Union as one of the best managers in the country, is in charge, and under his admirable management it cannot but prove a success.  Tickets for the entertainment can be purchased at the opera house Wednesday, and thereafter at different places in the city.  Parties will do well to secure seats early.

     The new street cars have arrived and from the rapid manner in which the tracks are being put in the proper condition will presume they will be running in a few days.

     There are nearly 100 street lamps in use in the city.  We hope soon to see this number multiplied by ten.

     The huge iron girder was erected yesterday on Bullene & Emery's new building at the corner of Seventh and Main streets.  In the basement of this building also there is a most excellent spring, which runs vigorously and which is as clear as a crystal.  The outlet is the sewer on Delaware Street.