R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

October 8, 1870.

     Monday night Professor Galloway gives another hop.  The affairs are un-exceptionable and attended with great pleasure.  The best of music will be on hand and no pains spared to render the entertainment a success.

  The ladies of Kansas City and vicinity are invited to attend the grand opening of French bonnets and hats at Mrs. L. Rounds's on Sixth Street today, October 8.

     Mr. M. Dearing, formerly of the Arthur House, Liberty., Mo., and widely known throughout the country as an excellent landlord, has taken charge of the Pacific House in this city and is having it refinished and improved in every conceivable manner.  His arrangements will be completed within a few days, making it one of the best houses in the West. 

     Samuel Jewett of Independence took the premiums at the St. Louis Fair in three classes of sheep.

     We had the pleasure of meeting this morning Mr. John Gilday, who has just returned from an extended trip through New Mexico, much improved in health and general looks.  He is back in most excellent time from his New Mexico trip to go the whole railroad ticket at the election to bring out today at least fifty voters.

      A. J. Norman has just returned from the Eastern markets, where he has been purchasing his fall stock.  We notice the sidewalk in front of his store is piled high with boxes of new and fresh goods, which will be ready on short notice for the inspection of his numerous customers.