R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

November 10, 1870.

     It is a Republican victory in this city, with Republicans making gains in every direction.  Capt. McNamara, the Republican nominee for Township Marshal, having a clear victory.

     The election judges in the First Ward were very uncourteous to reporters -- and not permitting them to enter the room, as the conclusion of the count was being reached.  On account of their putting on such unnecessary airs while dressed in a little brief authority, we cannot give the result in this ward in to-day's paper.  The clerks could not agree in casting up the votes, and so adjourned till this morning.  It is said that Brown's majority in this ward is 185, Comingo's majority, 76; Latshaw's 50.

     The soakers made up yesterday in drinking for what was kept from them during the day of election.

     A special train came up from Fort Scott, last nig ht, bringing 300 excursionists to the Opera House.

     A lot of Chinese are fixing up a laundry on Third street.  There are only three of them now, but ten more are coming in a few days.

     Tonight the third annual ball of the Hebrew congregation, of this city, will be given at Frank's Hall.  There is no doubt but that the affair will be a grand success, as it has always been heretofore.

     Tonight a grand complimentary benefit will be tendered, by leading citizens, to the charming and versatile young actress, Miss Annie Tiffany.  Her worth as a lady, and decided merits as a member of the dramatic profession, should secure for her a crowded house on this, her benefit night.

     In the Second Ward it took the judges from 7 o'clock at night until 7 o'clock the next night to count 700 votes, and how long it is going to take the First Ward judges to get through their job, is reserved fro the future speculation of the next generation.

     The Ottawa land sales come off today.