R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

November 16, 1870.

     Susan B. Anthony is to lecture here this winter.

     Three prisoners were pounding rock, yesterday, under officer Murphy's supervision.
     Pools for the races to-day were selling briskly last evening, at Keck's Delmonico.  "Wilkes's Spirit" and "Kansas Maid" were the favorites.

     For the present, Justice Rose will have his offices in the Daily Tribune office, on Main street, nearly opposite the Court House.

     Yesterday the County Court re-appointed Squire Ranson a Justice of the Peace.  The appointment was made in response to a petition, signed by a number of citizens in the county.

     Madame Sheller made her second appearance on the stage of our Opera House last evening in "The Pearl of Savoy," playing the pathetic role of Marie, in one of the finest dramas on our American stage.  The story is the old one of The Rose of Killarney.  Indeed, a number of operas have been founded upon the tale, but none, perhaps, more replete with dramatic effect than "The Pearl of Savoy."

     High winds prevailed yesterday, and much dust and discomfort was the consequence.  The day was disagreeably cold, and gave suggestive warning that "bleak winter" is soon to be with us.

     Now that cold weather has come, our wealthy citizens who are charitably inclined, can furnish cord wood to the suffering poor, in the confident belief that it will be re-corded above.

     A momentary sensation was caused yesterday on Main street, near Sixth, by the belligerent talk and warlike attitude of a couple of drivers of express wagons, whose vehicles had collided.  Happily there was more "wind" than wounds, more "gas" than gore.