R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

November 22, 1870.

     "Down With the Dust" is enacted on our streets every afternoon.

     Yesterday the handsome winter uniform suits for our city police arrived.  Each member of "the force," some time since, had his measure for a suit taken, and the order for making was given to our neighbor over the way -- Mr. Ganz.  The suits cost each $35, and are serviceable, neat and comfortable.

    The wonderful exhibition of a living, speaking Turkish head was exhibited on Saturday, a few doors above the post office on Main street, to as many as could gain admittance, and received the endorsement of all.  It has been pronounced to be the greatest wonder of the nineteenth century.  To the visitor it has the appearance of a living head, which talks, sings, whistles, etc., sitting upon the waiter on a table under which nothing can be seen.  Aside from anything intended to have a leaning toward "puffing" this show, it is something which can not fail to excite the wonder of any who witness it.  It makes think he can't believe his own eyes.  The exhibit will continue for a few more days.

     There was a gratifying attendance of our citizens, of all classes, at Turner Hall, last night, the object of the meeting being to take steps for the establishing in this city of a Mechanics Institute.

      The body of Mr. Bidwell, who came to so untimely an end at Parker, Kansas, a few days ago, was brought to this city yesterday, and the hearse containing the coffin was escorted from the Union Depot to his late residence by the Knights Templar.  The funeral will take place to-day from the family residence on Sixth street near Penn, at two o'clock.  The Masonic fraternity will attend.

     The Recorder manipulated five cases of drunk yesterday morning, with the usual result of $5.60 in each case.

     A man rode through the streets yesterday morning in a carriage, who was covered with blood from some very severe cuts on the head, which he received in the Bottom from some one who struck him from behind with "brass nucks," and knocked him senseless before he could discover who it was.  The police are endeavoring to ascertain who the cowardly assailant was.

     A meeting of the Beethoven Club will be held at the music store of Mr. F. W. Letton, this evening, at half past 7 o'clock.  Every member of the club is earnestly requested to be present, as business of importance is being transacted.