R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

November 27, 1870.

     Another large audience assembled at the Opera House last evening to witness the beautiful play of "Cinderella."

     Yesterday three saloon keepers were "brought to grief" for not paying the city license required.  Let others look out!

     The recent articles in the News that have heaped abuse on the heads of Col. Coates and the management of the Opera  House, have brought forth fruit not anticipated by their writers.  We are informed that on the night of the 25th, Mr. Armour, of the firm of Armour, Plankinton & Co., bought $100 worth of tickets, being led to do so by his indignation at the course pursued by the News.  This, though the most substantial, is not the only manifestation of interest evinced by the friends of Col. Coates, in the controversy.

     At the Union Depot yesterday evening, a respectable looking gentleman was sitting on top of some boxes awaiting the departure of the L. L. & G. train, when he suddenly fell down in a fit and several of the boxes fell on him.  The was taken to the Thornbury House where proper treatment soon brought about his recovery.

     John Wilson, of Clinton county, who often visits this place and usually leaves $5.60 with the Recorder, again presented, yesterday afternoon, his accustomed contribution for the privilege of getting crazy on bust-head whisky.

     Wm. Doyle, for carrying concealed weapons, $4.60; Pat Cavanaugh for drunkenness, $5.60; Mr. A. Mines, for offensive language, $7.50; Gus Thomas, for fighting, $7.75, were the other fines imposed by the Recorder yesterday morning.

     The membership of the Mechanics' Institute is being rapidly increased.  We saw ex-Mayor Harris take the names of a dozen new members yesterday in five minutes.  In two week's time there will be nearly a thousand names on the list of members.

     Doggett & Orrison have commenced the work of building a magnificent block on Main street between Seventh and Eighth streets, where Cross' lumber yard is now.  It will have 48 feet front and will run through to Delaware, and will be four stories high on Main and five stories high on Delaware.

     The new Methodist Church, known as Holmes' Chapel, in West Kansas, will be dedicated today at  10 o'clock a. m.  Rev. Dr. Campbell will officiate.  The public are respectfully invited to attend.

     There was never a store "out West,"
        Better supplied than that of Baer.
     He has suits for men and suits for boys --
         You can't find better anywhere.
     There never was a person yet,
         Who bought a suit of clothing there,
     But felt well pleased and told his friends
          To buy their suits from Mr. Baer.
     A. Baer, Frank's Hall Clothing House, 426 Main street, Frank's Hall, opposite the Public Square.