R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

November 6, 1870.

     Rev. Robert Irwin returned yesterday from a recreative trip to the mountains.  He tells us the plains were black with buffalo as the train returned.  His jaunt was a most agreeable one.

     Mr. Joseph McGee, of Abiline, an intimate friend of Deputy Sheriff Smith, who was so brutally murdered last Wednesday, on Chapman Creek, called upon us yesterday, and gave us a full history of the bloody deed, which in this issue we cannot publish, owing to lack of space.

     Mr. Jospeh Sigemunt again assumes proprietorship of the well-known St. Nicholas Hotel.  He intends to conduct it in a manner that will gain the favor and good will of the public.  A fine free lunch will be set to-morrow morning, in the billiard hall, between the hours of 10 and 12 o'clock.

      Miss Annie Tiffany closed her engagement at the Opera House last evening, appearing as Margery in "The Rough Diamond" and Judy O'Trot in "Ireland as it Was."  The engagement of this artiste has proved a success in every sense of the word and we only regret that circumstances forbid her further stay among us.

     We received a call, yesterday, from Mr. S. B. Potter, superintendent of the Democratic Standard, a paper recently established in Lawrence, Kansas.

     A distressing accident happened yesterday afternoon on the North Missouri Railroad at Harlem.  A young man named Thomas Viel, a brakesman in the employ of that road, while attending to the brakes of a freight train, caught his foot in a coupling and fell upon the track.  The wheels passed over both his legs above the knees, crushing them in a horrible manner.  Bleeding and unconscious, he was at once conveyed to his boarding place, the Brooks House, in West Kansas City, and Dr. Chapman sent for.  He hurried as soon as possible to the relief of the poor fellow, and did all for him that his skill and experience suggested.  Serious fears are entertained as to the man's recovery.  At best it is feared his right leg will have to be amputated.  The unfortunate sufferer is about twenty-five years of age, is unmarried, and his home is in Moberly.  We hope to-morrow to hear that his condition is favorable to his recovery.

      The complete and carefully selected stock now in the store of Ranny & Lane, the well-known and widely popular dealers in boots and shoes, "must be seen to be appreciated."  For men and boy's wear, this enterprising firm have an assortment of boots and shoes second to none in this city.

     Pursuant to appointment, the workingmen, in considerable numbers, met last night at Ray's Hall and held a very enthusiastic conference.  Mr. L. G. Jeffries was appointed chairman and Mr. Dennis Malone secretary.  The meeting was ably addressed by Col. M. R. Hamilton, of the News, Mr. L. Carter, Sr., Mr. Ed. Payne of the News, Mr. Henry Smith and Owen Lyans.  After which, the meeting was adjourned, to convene again on Monday night.

     Wanted.  Several energetic young men to sell the Grover & Baker Sewing Machine.  Call at 806 Main street.

     Yesterday forenoon a couple of hackmen named Hayden Gooch and Charley Robinson made a brutal and causeless attack upon Mr. Allen  He was standing in front of Houghton & Mills' store, corner of Fourth and Main streets, when they came up unobserved by him, and knocked him to the pavement, and kicked and pounded him in a savage manner. We hope the perpetrators of this ruffianly outrage will receive their just deserts at the hands of the law.

     In Memory of Mrs. Emma Tatum Collins:
     Shroud her in white for her last peaceful rest,
     Her beads in her hands, the cross on her breast.
     Joy, mother, joy Earth's fastenings are riven,
     Joy, brothers, joy, the wept and loved is in Heaven.

     "We see but dimly through the mists and vapors
     Amid these earthly damps,
     What seems to us but sad, funeral tapers,
     May be Heaven's distant lamps.
    "There is no death!  What seems so is transition.
     This life of mortal breath
     Is but a suburb of the life elysian
     Whose portal we call Death.
     "In that great cloister's stillness and seclusion,
     By guardian angels led,
     Safe from affliction, safe from sorrow's portion,
     She lives, whom we call dead.