R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

October 1, 1870.

     Hon. B. Gratz Brown speaks in the city on the 13th inst.

     Hon J. M. McMichael of Plattsburg and Colonel Woodson of Liberty were in the city yesterday.

     The mud and rain have operated wonderfully against runaways of late, but yesterday evening they broke out all of a sudden again.  George Pearson of near Westport drove a  2-horse wagon into the city loaded with corn.  After disposing of the contents he left the team unhitched at the corner of Eighth and Main streets.  Presently the horses started, and when they reached Ottawa Street they were going like a young hurricane.  The furious pace of the horses started Mr. George Bummers's buggy into a panic also, and a milk wagon had a wheel taken off evenly, the contents of the can inundating the streets of the square.

     On next Thursday evening Horace Greely lectures at Frank's Hall on the subject, "Self-Made Men."  The price of admission has been fixed at $1 for the entire body of the hall and at seventy-five cents for the gallery.  Sale of seats will commence at 10 o'clock this morning at Weikert & Co.'s book store, corner of Fifth and Main streets.

     Frank's Hall was literally packed last night -- all of the seats were sold and the galleries crowded.  No wonder -- the far famed troupe of Dupres & Benedict was there, and those present joined in laugh after laugh at their comicals, until the sound was almost a continuous roar.  It is impossible to particularize when everything rendered was so near perfection.

     Mr. Mallowe announces that the census of the City of Kansas will be completed tomorrow evening.  If anyone has been slighted he will take great pleasure in correcting the error.  A note through the postoffice will reach him.  We understand that a large number have been left out in the cold, and for the interest of our city we sincerely trust they will make themselves known.