R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

October 6, 1870.

     Horace Greeley lectures at Frank's Hall tonight.  Nearly all the seats have been sold.
     Mr. Dan Geary, city clerk, Mr. John Donnelly, city engineer, and Mr. James E. Marsh, alderman, and a number of others left yesterday to attend the St. Louis fair.

     Justice Ransom's court was enlivened yesterday by a marriage ceremony.  The parties were Mr. John Hawkins and a beautiful Shawnee maiden, Susan Rogers.  They looked as happy as persons generally do on such occasions.

     F. B. Nossinger and T. J. Bigger will kill about five hundred sheep next Friday and will sell the hams at Bigger's pork house next Saturday at fifteen cents each.  This is the cheapest meat ever offered on this market.

     Last night our little neighbor of Harlem was the scene of a pleasant gathering to witness the nuptials of Mr. Charles McBride of this city to Miss Nannie C. Mimms of Harlem.  The ceremony was performed by the Rev. X. X. Buckner.

     Several of our citizens are visiting in Ottawa, Kas., among them Mr. D. C. James.
     Dr. J. Lykins, a member of the city council, has been appointed a delegate to the southern commercial convention.