R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

December 18, 1870.

     The river was full of floating ice yesterday.

     The boys throughout the city enjoyed their Saturday holiday coasting.

     The "beautiful snow" which covered the city yesterday morning was a dirty slush before night.  Under the influence of a melting mood it grew "beautifully less and smaller by degrees."

     A lady advertises that she wants a gentleman for breakfast and tea.  What a cannibal!

     The Square was crowded all day yesterday with wagon loads of wood, hay, etc.

     A free fight occurred last night at a boarding house in West Kansas.  High pressure liquor was the cause.
     A smash-up occurred on Walnut street yesterday afternoon.  The pieces were saved.

     Madam Methua Scheller plays "Fanchon" at Turners' Hall to-night, for Mrs. Volrath's benefit.

     Among the applicants for admission to the city hospital yesterday was a sadly afflicted bummer, who has footed it half over the United States.

     The heavy fall of snow thawing made pedestrianism anything but a desirable occupation yesterday.

     O'Brien O'Day (decidedly Irish) made night hideous with his fearful howlings.  He found a resting place at the lock-up, through the kind offices of Officer Brennan.

     A lonesome sleigh, of the "pung" pattern, was dragged through the mud and slush of Main street yesterday.  It was a novelty, and elicited from the gamins generally their peculiar whistle of surprise.

     A severe encounter took place between two boys yesterday on Independence avenue.  The cause of the trouble was the disputed ownership of a pair of skates, which one said the other had borrowed from him and refused to return.

     We were shown yesterday a front view of a plan for the proposed Episcopal church which is to be erected on Walnut street, corner of Eighth.  The style is Gothic with a tower on the north side, seventy-five feet high, the south side being  topped with a spire pointing heavenward one hundred and seventy-five feet.  The body of the building will be seventy five feet to the comb of the roof. An immense Gothic window will grace the front..  The window will be forty feet height.  The cost of the church by this plan will reach $60,000.  A. B. Cross is the architect.

     Our pleasant and very genial friend, W. E. Thorne, has removed his "Art Union" to 700 Main street, and has greatly increased his stock of rare goods for holiday gifts.  Take a look at his fine pictures, frames, albums, ladies' companions, &c.