R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

December 22, 1870.

     Thawed a might yesterday.  Large cakes of ice fill the river.  First-rate skating on the ponds.

     Is there no law to have icy pavements scraped?

     Auctioneers can't stand cold weather.  They avoided the Square yesterday.

     Justices Cravens, Rose and Sutton were idle yesterday, and occupied their legal talent and ability in keeping the cold out.

     "Ixion" will be produced for the matinee Saturday, on which occasion Santa Claus will make presents to every member of the audience.

     Gen. Thos. J. Bartholow, of the well known banking house of Bartholow, Lewis & Co., of St. Louis, was in town yesterday, and expressed himself astonished at the rapid growth of our city in the past two years.

     Congealed grease and liquefied butter on the same table are said to be one of the mysteries and miseries of boarding house life.

     Remember the mush and milk festival at Mechanic's Hall to-night.  The dames and lassies, dressed in the olden time, will preside at the tables.  Let all who would enjoy an old-fashioned festival be there.

     Early yesterday morning the large flouring mill in West Kansas City, owned and run by Dewar, Smith & Co, and known far and near as the Diamond Mills, was in imminent danger of being destroyed by fire had not the people in the vicinity lent their assistance and saved the property.  The fire originated from the carelessness of a miller in handling a lamp.  As soon as the flames were observed, help was at hand, and save a small amount of "middlings" which were burned, no damage was done.  The firm tender a card of thanks to the Bottomites who assisted in saving the building and machinery.

     Col. Foster, our enterprising postmaster, urged by the immense increase of business at the office in the matter of money orders, has completed a new arrangement  by which that branch of the department is transferred to the left-hand side of the of the room, thus doing away with the crowd at the stamp window, which has hitherto been so annoying.  Persons in want of money orders will govern themselves accordingly and apply at the left-hand desk.

     Chinese and Japanese work boxes, writing desks, cabinets, toys &c., by H. T. Wright & Co., Post Office Bookstore.  Most beautiful and novel goods for presents ever brought to Kansas City.

     A man named McCoy, who robbed a cobbler, was discharged yesterday from custody, the shoemaker, Geiger, not appearing to prosecute him.

      Seedless raisins, French prunes, figs, oranges, lemons, and all kinds of nuts and candies, at J. M. Newham's, No. 616 and 618 Main street.

     We are pleased to learn that the Mechanics' Institute has secured the services of Hon. J. H. Warwick for a lecture on Tuesday night next.  Mr. Warwick is an eminent tragedian and an eloquent orator, and we congratulate the Institute that it is to have such a popular lecturer in the initiatory.