R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

December 29, 1870.

     Much thaw yesterday.

     Hay and wood plentiful.

     The river is preparing to get on a small "high."

     Last night, about 10 o'clock, some drunken men in the calaboose, in their drunken gyrations and flounders, tipped over the calaboosal stove, and for a brief spell, there was a horrible excitement.  Cries of "Fire!" proceeded from their hot throats, and it was not until smoke began to ascend to the court room that Ed Dowd and policeman Green, who were on duty, realized that the poor devils below wanted something else besides fire.  A few bucketfuls of water extinguished the flames, and all was again serene.  Fortunately, the fire department was not called out; otherwise there might have been a serious conflagration.

     Preparations are being made for January 1st, 1871.

     A lively set-to was indulged in yesterday afternoon, in front of Snell's saloon on Main street,, between John Williams, a railroad man, and C. E. Derby, an ex-bartender.  Fists were used quite extensively, and for a short mill, it was signalized by a great flow of blood.  Both men were considerably punished and cut up about the face.  Officer Gillooly and Halpin promptly arrested the combatants, who gave bonds for their appearance this morning.  The origin of the fight is not known.
     Carriers are getting their addresses ready for your spare change.

     The skaters and ice men were busy again yesterday on the river.

     Ranson's Addition is very lively just now.  The census-gatherer should have waited a month or two.  Holiday Week has been quite numerously celebrated in this way up there.

     For some days, sinister rumors have  been flying about, stating that the First National Bank of this city had suspended.  Of course such a story was well calculated to excite the profoundest astonishment; for the bank has been and now is, one of the strongest moneyed institutions in the State.  Its stockholders are wealthy men, of sagacity and sterling integrity.  Its capital is ample and firmly secured.  The result of the slander as might have been expected, was a crowded bank for a day or two, filled with anxious depositors checking out their money.  All demands were promptly met, and drafts were cashed with the most quiet non-chalance by the officers of the Bank.

     Prof. Martin, "The Wizard," held forth last night to a fair audience in Frank's Hall.  The various tricks performed, elicited much laughter and merriment.  Among the most noticeable of the exhibition was the Floating Head, (which will be presented again this evening, by request), the magic clock, the old-time egg in the hat business; the card tricks, and the little Marionette troupe.  The magic clock was hung suspended in mid-air, but the hands would move at the command of the Professor.  A variety of presents were given to those holding prize tickets, No. 79 being the lucky number for the $25.00 bureau put up.  As the holder of that ticket had left the hall, another drawing was held, resulting in giving the bureau to Mrs. J. B. Brothers.  Considerable fun was created when some of the other presents were handed out -- a pair of long hose, a b ar of soap, a plug of tobacco, a small sack of salt, an "Irish Turkey" (salted codfish), and rolling pin, &c.  A Saturday matinee will be given in addition to the other evening entertainments.

     Turn Halle last night was converted into a glad scene of revelry and dancing by the Scandinavian Society, which gave its first ball of the season.  These constituents of our city's prosperity number some on e thousand, and the society is presided over by Mr. Biornlunde, Mr. Lundin secretary.  Volrath's string band furnished most excellent music, and valse, quadrille and polka followed each other in rapid succession the whole night through.  The Hall was decorated with flags, and appropriate mottoes, conspicuous among which were the Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian -- all beautifully made and strange-looking to American eyes.  Refreshments were in abundance, and a thoroughly good time was had.