R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

January 11, 1870.

     Beautiful weather yesterday.  Bicycles have disappeared and icicles are now in order.

     Peter Connelly, a well known financier in Wyandotte, has started in the banking business.

     The brutes who overload their horses, and then abuse them for being unable to draw, ought to take the places of those animals.

     But little work was done in the Criminal Court yesterday.

     Ira Boutell, Esq., was made happy on Sunday by the arrival of a little daughter.  We congratulate him.

     It is said that a man named Lincoln, at Liberty, Mo, gave anybody permission to shoot him in the back with a shot gun.  A chap took him  up and fired two ounces of pigeon shot into his broadest part.  The borings for lead thereabout have been attended to with much success.

     S. B. Fleming and Brother have a large lot of fine goats for sale on the public square.  They consist of the Cashmere, Maltese, American Milk and Mutton goat.  The Messrs. Flemings started from Austin, Texas, with one thousand nine hundred of these animals, and have been selling them to farmers and others disposed to buy.  They brought eighty to this city.  The prices range from $5 to $25 apiece.

     J. C. Egelhoff, late of the firm of Gable & Egelhoff, has opened a new boot and shoe store at 604 Main street, opposite the dry goods house of Doggett & Orrison.  Egelhoff is one of our oldest and most popular merchants, and we wish him uninterrupted success in his new establishment.

     There was on Sabbath night a grand union prayer meeting at Frank's Hall.  The churches of the various evangelical denominations were closed, that their members might participate in this meeting.  The consequence was a crowded house.  A good time was enjoyed by all present.  It is expected that these meetings will be repeated.