R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

January 16, 1870.

     Yesterday the weather was mild.  The snow rapidly resolved itself into mud.

     Building still continues, in spite of the almanac.

     The telegraphers still maintain their striking attitude.

     H. R. Lewis, well and favorably known in this city, has purchased an interest in the Senate Billiard hall.  Success to the new firm.

     The Most Worshipful brother, A. Clark, Grand master of Masons (colored) for Missouri is in the city, and has organized a lodge of colored F. A. A. A. Y. Masons.  The lodge is named after one of our colored eldermen, John Rowan.  Jacob Pritchard is Worshipful Master; H. Hubbard, S. W.;  Benj. Edington, J. W.; James Wooldridge, Treasurer; J. W. Woods, Secretary.

     All persons interested in having a business education should recollect our Commercial College on the corner of Fourth and Delaware streets.  Every facility for pursuing a thorough course is offered and its success is its best recommendation.  The students now number over a hundred, and more are coming in daily.  Send for a circular containing full particulars.

     Last evening the Great Western Dining Hall, situated on the corner of Main and Sixth streets, was opened under the most favorable auspices, with an appreciative crowd who, after partaking of the hospitality of the genial proprietor, Mr. Frank Partridge, pronounced him to be a capital fellow and his lunch of the best character. 

     The Can Can Troupe performed again last night before a crowded audience.  Mr. Spalding, the manager of the troupe, having left the town with the girls unprovided for, an interest was awakened in the community on their behalf, and the result has been the entertainment of last evening and the one preceding.  There will be another to-morrow night.  The object of these entertainments is to enable the troupe to meet their expenses here and to return home.

     We welcome to our city our old esteemed friend and brother Alumnus, Lee Chiswell, Esq.  Mr. Chiswell is a member of the bar of Frederic City, Md., and a graduate of Columbian College, D. C.  He is a genial fellow, fully up to all our Western notions, and will no doubt meet with success.