R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

January 21, 1870.

     A fine day yesterday.  Business brisk and streets crowded.

     West Kansas City is growing rapidly.

     Blockhead Hicks, the lazy local of the Bulletin, says take away our stovepipe, and where are we?  Take away the puffs and slangy abuse from the columns of the Bulletin, and where is it?

     We observed a noble gray horse yesterday morning, on Main street, which some Christian (?) had driven until sweat rolled in torrents from its hide, and its mouth, head, and even the post to which it was attached, were smeared with its blood.  It is a burning disgrace that such cruelty should go unpunished.

     Owing to the indispostion of Miss Fanny Denham, Rouse's Dramatic Troupe failed to put in an appearance at Frank's Hall last night.  She will, however, appear to-night as Capitola in the drama of the "Hidden Hand."

     Bacon & Hewson have removed their popular dry goods house to Taylor's building, corner of Main and Eighth streets.  Their new store fronts both on Main and Delaware streets, and is one of the finest stores in the city.  Bacon & Hewson are young and energetic, and are building up a handsome trade.  They claim to be selling winter goods at bargains, to make room for spring goods.

     The sons of Auld Scotia celebrate the anniversary of their immortal bard, Burns, by a grand ball at the Broadway Hotel, on Tuesday evening, January 25th.  Tickets can be obtained by visiting R. S. Paterson & Co., 405 Delaware street, or Dr. John Stark, at his office on Delaware street.

     The Common Council met in the City Clerk's office, with Mayor Long in the chair and conducted city business.

     Some individual who runs the local of the Bulletin, not having brains enough to write anything, dishes up to his patrons a column of abuse, leveled at the local of this journal.  As long as he attacks us as local, we are content to "grin and bear it," but when, as he has done, he attacks our private character, and uses our name, we assert that he is a despicable creature, and one whom we would not consider it fit to associate with decent men.