R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

January 25, 1870.

     Business is brisk and sidewalks rather muddy.

     Remember the Caledonian ball to-night.

     The sidewalks are in very bad condition and in some places absolutely dangerous.  The Marshal should attend to this at once.

     Major S. D. Vaughan and Judge William Douglas leave for Washington to-day on business connected with Pulliam's car coupler.

     Yesterday at twelve o'clock flames were seen to issue from the roof of a large frame building on the corner of Third and Main streets, owned and occupied by Lowell & Fritzlen, as a drug store.  The fire caught from an unprotected stovepipe, and was extinguished by the efforts of citizens.  The damage was slight.  This is another argument for the formation of an effective fire department.

     D. Reason was unreasonable to hit a fellow mortal on the nose.  As the other  chap could not be reasonably expected to put up with such conduct, he had Reason arrested.  Judge Sutton, finding no reason to justify the assault, fine Mr. Reason $3, but suspended the execution upon the promise that Reason would behave more reasonably in the future.

     Last evening the elite of the city assembled at the masquerade given by Prof. Galloway, at his dancing academy, on Walnut street between Fourth and Fifth.  The occasion was one of thorough enjoyment.  The party was large and everyone seemed bound on enjoying themselves, and it is needless to say they succeeded.  Among the characters represented were Queen Elizabeth, Desdemona, a Highland Lassie, Dan Rice, Uncle Jonathan, an English Prince, and a Prussian General.  The party broke up at a late hour and the affair will long be remembered as one of the most pleasant of the age.

     John Smith and John Campbell, two dirty, miserable looking specimens of humanity, were yesterday before Recorder Sutton, charged with vagrancy.  It appears that they have been loafing about town for some time past, and have no means of support.  They were fined $50 each, and of course were unable to pay  it.  Finally the charge was withdrawn, upon condition that they leave the city.  They promised to leave at once, and it is hoped they did.