R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

January 27, 1870.

     Grading and building has re-commenced in earnest.

     Hotel hops are now the thing.

     A meeting of the Dentists of Kansas City and vicinity, held at the office of Dr. Prevost, January 17, 1870, a society was organized, to be known and distinguished as the Kansas City and Missouri Valley Dental Association, having for its object the mutual protection and improvement of its members.  Hoping the Dentists of Kansas City and surrounding towns, who have not already joined this society will not e backward, but come and join as soon as practicable.

      In our yesterday's issue we gave the particulars of a stabbing affray between two brothers named Weber, and a saloon keeper named Trott.  The parties were yesterday brought before Recorder Sutton, who heard the evidence, and discharged Edward Weber.  Charles Weber was fined $11.50.

     Fifty cases 2 and 3 peaches, tomato and walnut catsups, choice of 9 teas and more, Drury & Sherry's, 111 Fourth street.

     S. H. Burch, Jr., State Senator from Clinton county, is at present stopping at the Broadway Hotel.

     Please read our history and editorial on what ought to be done with the police force in another column.

     A meeting of the Association of the Kansas City College of Physicians and Surgeons will be held at the office of Col. A. A. Tomlinson, over the First National Bank, on Thursday afternoon, at 3 1/2 o'clock.

    Last evening Frank's Hall was crowded by persons anxious to witness the entertainment of The Fakir of Ava, and Whiston, the humorist.  The Fakir commenced the performance by some pretty feats of legerdemain, but the gist of the entertainment was the humorous impersonations of Mr Whiston.  We imagine that Mr. W. is "posted" regarding local matters -- that is, judging from his numerous spicy hits on local affairs.  His impersonations are perfect, and are well worth hearing.  At the conclusion of the evening's entertainment, numerous valuable presents were distributed among the audience . The presents were all articles of value and utility,, such as tea sets, shawls, &c.  The Fakir and Mr. Whiston will remain here for three nights more.  Go and see them.  The principal gift tonight will be a lounge, valued at $25.