R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

January 28, 1870.

     Business is brisk.  Our contemporaries urge a little street cleaning.  So do we.

     The water works have "busted."

     Our Council suspended their rules to allow members to smoke.

     The Mayor and the Council propose to organize a Fire Department.  That's what they have been doing for the last three years.

     Skiff and Gaylord's Minstrels are coming here.

     Not a solitary case before Recorder Sutton yesterday.  Not even a drunk was before him for adjudication.  As the dirt slinger says, we are becoming a moral city.

     Hon. B. F. Taylor, of the Chicago Tribune, one of the best lecturers in the country, delivers his lecture on "Failures -- the Alphabet of Success," at Frank's Hall, on Monday evening, 31st inst.  None should fail to hear him, who appreciate first-class intellectual entertainments.  Reserved seats may be obtained at Matt Foster & Co's., and Wiekert & Homan's.

     Drs. Tindall & Stark, Dentists, have removed their office to the rooms over Newham's grocery store, opposite the postoffice.

     The Fakir of Ava, and Whiston, the humorist, gave their second entertainment to a crowded house at Frank's Hall, last night.  The Fakir introduced several new illusions, which were very well received.  Mr. Whiston gave entirely different impersonations from those of Wednesday evening, but they were equally as true to life and equally well applauded.  The local bits were spicy, an betrayed a keen knowledge of local affairs.  In the distribution of prizes, Mrs. Irvingham, of Williams street, secured the $25 lounge.  To-night the principal prize will be a fine dressing bureau and mirror, valued at $25, besides other presents innumerable.