R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

January 30, 1870.

     The square was lively yesterday.  There was an abundance of wood and hay wagons perambulating our streets.  Grading is being vigorously prosecuted throughout the city.

     Our twenty policemen are distributed thusly:  Three in the Addition, three in West Kansas, four on the Levee, and ten on general duty.  what the last is no one exactly knows.

     Two handsome residences have been erected on Wyandotte street south of Fifth.

     Water-works have gone up.  It is to be hoped that sidewalks will not follow suit.

     Criminal matters were livelier yesterday than they have been for some days past, and the Recorder's face wore the pleasant smile it always does when there is business to be done, and consequently, fees to be pocketed.

     Dennis McGinty is a stranger in Kansas City, and therefore, may be excused for not being fully aware of the deadly properties of Kansas City whisky.  This ignorance, however, brought him into trouble, he having imbibed more of it than he could carry with safety to himself or convenience to others.  He was found dead drunk by Officer Brady, who conveyed him to the calaboose.  This morning Recorder Sutton fined him $9.00 for his ignorance.  John Burke indulged in a plain drunk, contrary to the ordinance in that case made and provided.  For this he was allowed to pay $9.00 to the city treasury.

     Charlie Rose, a juggler, who was yesterday performing feats of slight of hand, in a saloon in McGee's addition, was arrested for exhibiting without a license.  He was brought before Recorder Sutton

     On Wednesday next, a first-class seminary for young ladies will be opened on McGee street, near the corner of Ninth . The institution will have a full corps of instructors, and all the branches of a common school or collegiate course will be taught; also drawing, painting, music and French.  Mrs. Collins, the well-known music teacher of our city, will be Principal, and the proprietors of Bellevue Seminary will be her associates, they having transferred her to the interests of their school.  A large number of pupils have already been received for the coming term, and there is every indication of great success.