R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

January 6, 1870.

     Our fair ones are enjoying to the fullest extent the delightful weather of the past few days.

     Ten students grace the halls of the Kansas City College of Physicians and Surgeons.

     Billy Edwards, the young pugilist, challenges anybody who weighs 124 pounds.

     An association of colored men organized for the purpose of improvement in debate and literary attainment, has been in flourishing operation among us for some time past.  It is named the "Vanguard of Progress."

     Some unknown lovers of the bird creation visited the hennery of Mr. Spalding, in Ranson's Addition, last night, taking therefrom a goodly number of his choicest fowls.  These nocturnal pilferers should be taught better manners, by a severe lesson, some of these days.

     The Marquis de Boissieres, who has undertaken the culture of silk in Franklin county, Kansas, is already so well convinced of the great success which will attend the enterprise, that he has ordered fifty additional families from France, which are now on their way to join his settlement.  The work is under the superintendence of R. Reloyant, one of the best silk manufacturers of the district from which he comes.  The Marquis is said to be worth 4,000,000 francs -- about $800,000.

     Present at a meeting of the School Board yesterday were Messrs. Bainbridge, Karnes, Craig, and Sheffield.  On motion of Mr. Craig, Messrs Sheffield and Karnes were appointed "a committee to confer with a committee heretofore appointed by the so-called New School Board."  On motion of Mr. Karnes, Mr. Craig was added to  to the committee.

     O. D. Austin, Esq., of the Bates County Record, well known to many of our citizens, called on us yesterday.  Glad to see him back.

     As evidence of Chas. Brooke being the best Sign Painter in the city, is the beautiful specimens of skill daily leaving his shop, east side of the Court House square, to ornament the many of our business houses; the only wonder being that he can do them so cheap.

     NOTICE TO TAX PAYERS:  Notice is hereby given that I will continue to receive all taxes now due the city, until Saturday the 8th day of January, A. D 1870, without any additional cost.  10 per cent penalty will be positively added after said date.  -- GEO SWEENY, City Treasurer.

     The Dexter Sallon, under Mastin's Bank, on Main street, sets a splendid oyster lunch every morning, from 9 till 12 o'clock.

     Col. H. F. Fach, traveling agent for the Chicago Teutonic Life Insurance Company, died at the Madison House on the 4th inst.