R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

January 9, 1870.

     Cool weather yesterday.  Good skating.

     Business for the season continues to be gratifyingly good.

     The Postoffice was moved last night to the Junction of Main and Delaware streets, and nothing but a gaping vacuum is left.  A few years ago the Postoffice was located on the levee, but following the course of trade, and the unmistakable tendencies of population, it has been gradually but steadily proceeding in a southern direction, until it has at last reached that point which is certainly near the geographical center of our corporate limits, and the focus of our population. 

     The earnings of the Missouri River, Fort Scott & Gulf Railroad amounted to the handsome sum of $60,000.

     Important to Apothecaries:  The ruling of the Commissioner of Revenue that persons who keep shops where medicines are compounded our prepared according to prescriptions of physicians should be required to pay tax as apothecaries, notwithstanding they may have paid tax as liquor dealers.

     The Grand Jury examined the jail at Kansas City, Mo., and gave the following report:
     We, the Grand Jury, have examined the jail or calaboose in charge of John G. Hayden, Marshal, and find it in a clean and satisfactory condition, the prisoners expressing themselves as comfortable and well treated as far as the Marshal is concerned.  We earnestly recommend as an act of mercy that a stove or some other means of heating the room, should be granted the prisoners.

     Robert Connor, of New York, will lecture before the colored literary society, known as the "Vanguard of Progress," upon the subject, "Our Future."  The colored school house is to be the scene of his efforts, which will no doubt be a complete success, as his previous performances have met with a degree of praise from many quarters not often accorded to one of his race.  We are always glad to chronicle any event which, like this, seems to mark the onward movement of this large class of our population to a higher degree of knowledge and mental improvement.

     Notice: This is to give notice to the curious that Wm. T. Little leaves this evening for the East, and will return in about ten days, when he will be prepared to do house and sign painting as he has done heretofore, better than the best and cheaper than the cheapest.  All orders left with Mr. Danfoth, his foreman, will receive prompt attention.  Respectfully, W. T. Little.