R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

February 25, 1870.

     The Council and the School Board met yesterday.

     Apples were plenty on the corner of Fourth and Main yesterday.  The tail board of a wagon loaded with the fruit fell out and deposited a portion on the street.

     There is but little floating ice in the river.

     A gentleman, while passing down Main street, near the Square, was bitten by one of the horses tied there.  These assaults by the brutes are frequent.  They should not be tied so near the sidewalk.

     Officer Brady arrested a man last night for attempting to pass a counterfeit bill.  We will be examined to-day.

     Joel Moody will lecture in the Unitarian Hall this evening at 7 1/2 o'clock.  Subject -- Salvation and Damnation Before Birth.  We can assure an intellectual feast.

     The Panorama of New York, at Frank's Hall, last night, was largely attended, and many were unable to get in.  It is a fine work of art, and well repays seeing.  All who go to-night will be presented with a fine album.  Don't fail to go to Frank's Hall, as extra attractions are provided.

     At the school board meeting a new idea in the appointment of school teachers was developed.  The photograph of a good looking young lady was sent in with her application for a school.  It was much admired by the directors.  That young lady will no doubt be appointed.

     Last night, a negro boy some ten years of age, named John Mace, whose parents reside on Cumberland avenue, was out on an errand on the streets.  Among the negroes in Kansas City there seems recently to have grown a superstitious fear of the medical colleges of the city, a rumor being prevalent in their midst that many of their number have been caught and taken alive into the dissecting rooms, where they were cut up into ten thousand pieces, for the edification of the medical students.  John Mace was an excessively nervous boy, and not unfrequently had expressed his fears that the medical men would get him some time.  So last night about nine o'clock the little fellow rushed into the house with eyes and face and mouth completely distorted with fright.  The only words he uttered were, "The doctors are after me," and he fell hard upon the floor.  Spasms and convulsions followed quickly, and in less than twenty minutes, and before a physician could be summoned, the unfortunate little fellow had ceased to exist.