R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

February 27, 1870.

     The weather is unpleasant and uncertain.

     The public square presented an unusually busy appearance yesterday.

     Nary a case before the Recorder yesterday.

     The German Catholics give a festival at Frank's Hall to-night.

     West Kansas wants the letter carrier system.  A petition has been signed and sent to the Post Master General.

     Hickman's Mills held an enthusiastic railroad meeting yesterday, and we understand contributed liberally towards the preliminary survey of the Kansas City and Memphis Railroad.

     The German Catholics give a festival at Frank's Hall to-night.

     The want of rain is seriously felt in this city.  We have had no rain during the last two months, and as  a consequence the streets are dusty and nearly all the cisterns dry.  Water hauling is now a profitable business, and judging from the present appearances of the weather will remain so for some time longer.

     The U. S. Assessor warns all parties to make their income returns at once and save the penalty imposed for the delay.  The office is at the Junction over the Postoffice.  Walk up to the captain's office, gentlemen, and settle up with Uncle Sam.

     About seven o'clock last night Capt. McCann was passing the Mechanics Bank, on the corner of Main and Second streets, when he heard groans as of a person in agony, proceeding from the alley between the building and the adjoining bank of earth.  Proceeding cautiously he discovered a negro woman named Julia Johnson, and at the same time became aware that there would be another member added to the population of the city.  He at once procured assistance, and placed the mother and newborn child in a hack and had them carried to a place of shelter.  At a late hour last night both were doing as well as could be expected.  Capt. McCann deserves great credit for his humanity in attending to the wants of the poor mother.  The city officials were not to be seen, and the poor creature might have perished in the bitter cold had it not been for the Captain's generosity.