R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

February 6, 1870.

     The Public Square presented a lively aspect yesterday.

     The evening dirt slinger howled as usual yesterday.

     The Walnut Street Hotel is rapidly approaching completion.

     The first direct shipment of pig lead from Fort Scot to St. Louis passed through this city yesterday.

     A contemporary, noticing the appointment of a friend as postmaster, said: "If he attends to the mails as well as he doe females, he will do."

     Mr. Louis Rothschild will leave for the east on Monday afternoon, for the purpose of purchasing a large stock of fashionable clothing, which he will open out at the old Hammerslough stand on Main street.

     A colored citizen of Leavenworth has invented a wood sewing machine.

     The distinguished artist, Mr. Felix Rogers, will appear at Frank's Hall on Monday evening,  Mr. Rogers made his first appearance at a very early age, and has since played highly successful engagements in the principal theaters of England and the United States.