R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

March 19, 1870.

     Kansas City is to have a coal oil inspector.

     Hammerslough & Co., have resumed specie payment.

     Republicans, work and register.

     Hutchinson, the murderer of Colonel Wilder, has been indicted for murder in the second degree, after the Grand Jury heard a great deal of irrelevant testimony, and neglected to examine some very material witnesses.  How a sane jury could come to such a conclusion, if all the facts were properly presented, is more than we can understand.    

     Judge Sears and Colonel Pennock, of Ottawa, Kans., were taking a look at our growing city yesterday, and declared themselves delighted with the panorama of business in every direction.  They say  that in the long contest for the metropolis of the Missouri Valley, Kansas City has won.

     Fourteen car loads of passengers left this city for Kansas yesterday -- nine on the Kansas Pacific and five on the Fort Scott road.

     The "Postmaster at Confedrit X Roads, and Pastor of the Church of the New Dispensashun," preaches on the "Woman question" at Frank's Hall next Monday night.

     The omnibus line have sent East for several new "busses."

     The new St. Nicholas Hotel on Main street opposite the courthouse, containing 85 rooms, will be opened on Monday evening with a grand banquet and ball.  The hotel is a fine addition to the accommodations offered to travelers.

     An ambitious youth, who has been brought up with a sad misapprehension of facts, thus pours his soul into verse:
If I was a lokal editor,
   Wouldn't I have a time?
I wouldn't print a single word
   For less than a $ a line.

I'd get my grub and licker free,
   And tickets to the shows,
I wouldn't pay for buggy hire,
   And wouldn't I wear good close.