R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

March 2, 1870.

     Gallaway's weekly hop was unusually well attended last night.  Gallaway himself was very, in fact, uncommonly agreeable and smiling.

     Alf Burnett -- The sale of reserved seats for the first soiree of this accomplished troupe (to-night) will commence at nine o'clock, at Brunert's Drug Store and at Frank's Hall.

     A few days ago a party of Indians attacked a train in Arizonia, New Mexico, and killed Epefanto Auguerid, son-in-law of J. Bernard, Esq., of Westport.

     An  engine on the Missouri River Road ran off the track near Leavenworth, at an early hour yesterday morning, and came within two or three feet of rolling into the river.  The fall was about twenty feet.  The engine was completely demolished.

     Wendell Phillips is engaged to lecture in this city.

     R. S. Patterson, Esq., the well-known liquor merchant, has left for the East.  Mr. P. will lay in the finest stock of pure liquors that has ever been brought West.

     The Recorder's Court yesterday had a fuller docket than it has had for some days past.  The cause of the unusual pressure was warm weather and -- whisky; and strange as it may appear, this is a true statement, for when the weather  is cold men stay at home and do not lounge from place to place, and consequently do not get drunk.

     Jerry Dowd has a large force of men grading the corner of Sixth and Walnut streets.

     Church's new hotel will be ready for business about the first of April.