R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

March 5, 1870.

     The Sisters of St. Joseph are collecting funds for the purpose of building an Orphan Asylum and Erring Woman's Refuge.   Help them.

     Music in the public schools is a success.

     Candidates are thick as mushrooms.  Election is coming.

     Yesterday several boys were brought before the Recorder, charged with entering Coate's Opera House, under construction, and wantonly injuring it.  Several of them were discharged, but three young scamps named Frank Ashton, B. Garrett and Patrick Dwyer were fined $18 each, which their parents will have to pay.  They deserve and ought to get a severe whipping for their mischievousness.

     Travel is brisk and  hotel keepers are rejoicing.

     During the late storm, five telegraph poles were blown down between Lawrence and Topeka.  Some "experimenting" scoundrel placed a connecting wire between the two wires and stopped "telegraphing."

     The Y. M. C. A. Library is now ready for circulation.  Cards are on sale admitting bearer to use of Library for six months or one year, at the rate of two dollars per year, to those not members of the association. The money received from sale of tickets will be expended in supporting the library and keeping the rooms open for visitors and readers.  The reading room will be free to all.

     Wanted. -- At t he Journal Job Rooms, a smart and active boy, who has had some experience in running presses or who has worked in a printing office.