R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

Sunday, April 3, 1864.

     There will be a grand ball at Long's Hall next Monday evening, for the benefit of the Hebrew Orphan Asylum.  A fine gold watch and bracelet will be raffled for.  Let every one attend this charitable institution, and spend a pleasant evening at the same time.

     Upon the first Monday of each month, Independence, Mo., has a regular Street Stock Sale, after the fashion of the old time Stock Sales in Ohio.  People from all parts of the country flock in with their horses, mules, hogs and cattle, and the scene is very interesting.  The regular monthly sale takes place Monday, April 4.

     We are pleased to announce that Drs. Milligan & Stark, both well-known and successful medical practitioners, have formed a co-partnership with office at 400 Delaware Street.  These gentlemen are both too well known to need puffing at our hands and we know that our citizens afflicted with sickness cannot entrust themselves to better hands.

     Turner Hall was crowded last night to its utmost capacity, by the Radicals of Kansas City.  We have rarely seen so many of the solid and progressive men of the city gathered together on one occasion, and the determination expressed was that next Tuesday should witness a glorious Republican victory.  Tomorrow night the Republicans again rally at Turner Hall.

     Mud everywhere.  It can't be helped where there is no macadamizing, but where there is, the Street Commissioner is not excusable for neglecting to clean the streets.  Main, Delaware, Grand Avenue, and all the principal cross streets are in a very filthy condition.  We can see no reason for it. are aware of the fact that people who move out of a house seldom clean it, but this is no reason why the Democrats should leave the mud a foot deep in the principal thoroughfares, merely because they are about to vacate the offices, with no prospect of ever occupying them again.  Will the proper officers see to this matter, and leave us at least one good action to remember them by?