R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

Tuesday, July 12, 1870.

     Mayor McGee is out again after having been confined to his house for a few days with a slight indisposition. 

     There was a glorious rain storm yesterday afternoon.  The farmers will feel well pleased, and the denizens of the city were well content to have the cooling rain descend.

     Our City Fathers, Board of Trade or some other body, should take steps to induce the Iowa Press Association to stop here on their excursion.

     On Third street, near Walnut, and on Sixth, in the same locality, here are some sidewalks which should be balustraded on the inside or protected some way so that persons passing along there on dark nights may not be in danger of getting a fearful tumble into the depths below.

     Discoveries of bones in the upper part of the city indicate the startling fact that -- a bone yard was there once.

      At the meeting of the City Council yesterday, a petition was received from citizens in West Kansas City, asking the Council to appoint an additional policeman for that portion of the town . Dr. Cheney addressed the Council, and explained the necessity of such an increase of the police force in that locality.  Alderman Hilliker spoke in favor of the petition, and in his remarks mentioned the number of passenger trains arriving daily at the Union depot, each bringing large numbers of "all sorts of people," some of whom decidedly need watching.  On motion the petition was referred to the Committee on Ways and Means.  A petition was received from members of the African Church and Missionary Baptist Church, stating their meetings for religious worship were frequently disturbed by rowdies -- mostly colored men and boys -- and asking that a special policeman be stationed on the Sabbath day at those places of worship to prevent such disturbances.  Referred to the Committee on Ways and Means.

     Baseball -- Eureka versus Enterprise. -- This afternoon at 3 o'clock, on Cook's pasture grounds, there will be an exciting contest between the above named clubs.  All are invited, especially the ladies; seats will be provided for them and good order will be maintained.  Both clubs are com posed of young gentlemen, and the ladies may come assured that every effort will be made  to make the game a gentlemanly and entertaining one.