R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

September 21, 1870.

     Vacant residences are very scarce.

     Col. P. Donan of the Lexington Caucasian was in the city yesterday and left in the evening for his home.

     Mr. A. W. Rucker, Democratic nominee for attorney general of the state of Kansas, was also in the city yesterday and paid us a visit.

     Mr. Ross Pierce, steward of the Broadway hotel, has fallen heir to a snug little fortune by the death of an uncle in England.  He is certainly deserving of the smiles of Dame Fortune.

     There will be preaching this evening at 7:30 o'clock at the Christian Church, corner of Main and Twelfth streets.  Elders Proctor, Jones, Platteburg and Thomas R. Haley will be present.

     The neat little Gothic church building erected in West Kansas City by the M. E. Church (South) is rapidly nearing completion, and will be ready for dedication the last of the present month.  The citizens of that locality have long needed a house for worship, and we are pleased to learn that their wishes are so near realization.

     Two hundred and twelve new postoffices have been established in Kansas within the last four months.