R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

September 23, 1870.

     The hotel registers speak of large numbers of arrivals.

     J. Milton Turner addressed the Radical Convention at Independence yesterday.

     The steamer W. J. Lewis arrived yesterday from St. Louis laden with freight for our merchants.  She started on the return last evening.

     The fourth quarterly meeting of the Methodist Episcopal Church, (South) will commence next Saturday.  Bishop McTyeire will be in attendance, and deliver the discourse Sunday.  On the following day the ceremony of the laying of the corner stone of the new church will take place.

     The executive committee of Kansas City is requested to meet at Mr. H. P. White's office at 8 o'clock.  A full attendance is desirable, as important business connected with the present canvass will come up.

     Hon. John M. McMichael of Plattsburg, Clinton County, was in the city yesterday.

     The gentlemanly and genial assistant freight agent of the Kansas City, St. Joe & Council Bluffs Railroad, Mr. L. H. Carter, was in the city yesterday.  We are always ready to welcome such gentlemen as Mr. Carter to our city.