R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

November 11, 1870.

     The wind, yesterday, "blew great guns."  It caused much trouble and annoyance to merchants and much discomfort to pedestrians.

     After waiting for two days to get the result of the vote of the First Ward, we are at last able to give the official figures, and here you have 'em:
     For Gov. --McClurg, 236, Brown, 422; Lieut. Gov. --Harlan, 243, Gravelly, 403; Sec. of State --Stover, 242, Weigel, 399; Auditor --Moser, 236, Hays, 402; Attorney Gen. --Johnson, 241, Baker, 400; Judge Supreme Court --Wagner, 652; Sup't of Schools --Beard, 238, Divoll, 411; For Congressman -- Smith, 292; Comingo, 375; State Senator --Twiss, 292; Wornall, 354.

      The river continues to rise rapidly.  The Mountaineer came up yesterday from St. Louis bringing a good trip of freight and passengers and returned in the afternoon. 

     Frank's Hall last evening was a scene of rare mirth and gayety.  The Hebrew ball was one reflecting credit on the society, and one that afforded unalloyed pleasure to all in attendance.  At this late hour we can only say it was a highly successful and happy affair.

     Professor J. L. McBride opened his new dancing class, last night, with an invitation to the parents of children to come see how he did it.  There was a good time and music by Volrath's band.

     A much needed improvement has been made at the east end of the Union depot.  A terrible mudhole of unknown depth and huge dimensions has been filled up with stone, and a dressing of coal cinders have made it dry and nice.

     The consideration of hte subject of widening Sixth street, from Delaware to Wyandotte, has been postponed two weeks by the Council.

     Officer Murphy superintended yesterday the labors, upon the municipal rock pile, of half a dozen impecunious offenders against the majesty of the law.

     A gentleman named T. H. Hamilton is in the city hunting for a "soiled dove," named Carrie McKinley, with a view of returning her to her father, who is a wealthy citizen of St. Louis.  The erring Carrie has been away from home about seven years.