R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

February 1, 1870.

     Grading and building are being vigorously prosecuted.   The lot next to the German Savings Association, on Main street, owned by Mr. Scarret, is now being graded preparatory to the erection of a fine building.

     Seventeen passenger trains leave Kansas City daily.  The number of arrivals is the same.

     We have to acknowledge the receipt of various good things last evening from the Bank Restaurant, corner of Main and Second streets. 

     A sick and penniless ex-soldier, desires to ascertain the present address of Lieutenant H. turner, who, during the late war commanded Company K, Fifteenth Kansas Cavalry, to enable him to obtain what is due from the Government.  Address Mr. Owen Gillen, Sparta, Illinois.

     Today we offer you a history of the Mayors of Kansas City.  You can read it here.

     The time has now arrived when all persons should return their income to the United States Assessor for the purpose of making the assessment for income tax for 1869.  The Assistant Assessor for the First division, which includes all the city north of Ottawa street, has his office over the Postoffice.  Bear this in mind.

     Messrs. Chafer & Dickinsons, bill posters of this city, seem to be animated with a spirit that will lead to success.  They have already secured the right to use walls and fences in prominent places in the city, and will within a week erect fifty bill boards in different portions of the city.  Orders may be left at 701 Main street.

     The German, Adolph Geenen, who was confined for the murder of David Fennell, was yesterday brought before Judge Jenkins on a writ of habeas corpus and admitted to bail.  The bonds were fixed at $10,000, which the prisoner gave and was released.  Louis Vogel, Asa Maddox, James Ward and Chris Schaller become his securities.

     C. S. Gunter was before United States Commissioner Karnes, charged with passing a counterfeit fifty dollar note at a house of infamy.  After hearing the evidence, the Commissioner decided to hold Gunter in bonds of $1,000 to appear for trial.  Failing to furnish these he was sent to the county jail, at Independence.

     Yesterday the new firm of Rice & Co., cigar manufacturers, corner of Main and Ross streets, gave a grand opening entertainment to their friends.  A very large number were present, and lager beer and "sich" suffered to the extent of several kegs, if not more.