R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

Saturday, April 2, 1870.

     There will be a Republican rally at Turner Hall to-night.  All are expected to turn out.

     The Democratic city government have received all the taxes and paid them all out agai, and have "nary a cent" in the treasury, with a big debt to be paid.  How's that for management and economy?

     Sidewalks are needed badly.  Shall we have them?  The Democracy have not given them.  The Republicans will.

     Don't forget the Republican meeting at Turner Hall to-night.

     The river continues to rise, and is now in good boating condition from Omaha to its mouth.  The rise at this point amounts to five feet in forty-eight hours; the sand on the opposite side of the river, above the bridge, is rapidly disappearing.

     The steamer, Kate Kearney, from St. Louis for Omaha, is over-due, and will probably arrive today.

     Not a case before the Recorder's Court yesterday.

     There is no negro in this election.  Every adult male citizen will vote if he is registered, whether he is black or white.