R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

Sunday, May 22, 1870.

     There is an animal at the Eldorado Saloon, near the Union Depot, which is a wonder to all beholders.  Nobody ever saw anything like it before!  It has a tail like a coon, and its body and head something like a fox, but to cal it either would be a misnomer.  what is it?  It was captured about four miles up the Kaw Bottom.

     The census takers get two cents for every name taken; ten cents for every farmer; fifteen cents for every productive establishment of industry; two cents for every deceased person; to per cent of the whole amount for names enumerated for social statistics, and ten cents per mile traveled.  Unless those they call upon are very obtuse, and are dilatory in their modes of giving the required information, the census agents will make a good thing of it.

     The ladies of the Women's Christian Association will give a unique entertainment at Long's Hall, next Thursday night.  They want money to help them carry on the noble work they have commenced.  Every dollar received by this charitable organization of earnest and large-hearted women will be disbursed to the sick and the suffering, and in the most judicious manner.  Our citizens we know will aid them liberally.

     The residence of Wm. S. Stone, on Liberty street at Independence, with two or three acres of orchard, was sold at auction on Monday last.  Preston Roberts was the successful bidder, at $4,050, about half the cost of the improvements.

     It is pleasant to know that the efforts of Kansas City to entertain handsomely her late editorial guests were highly successful.  From all quarters come expressions of general praise from the pens of journalists of Missouri and Kansas.