R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

Friday, July 22, 1870

     The river is stationary at this point, and pilots report six feet of water to St. Louis, and that the channel is in better condition than has been the case for some time.  There was no business on the Levee yesterday. The Mountaineer, of the Star Line, arrived last night from St. Louis, and will return this morning.

     Mr. I. W. McDonald, corner of Main and Fourth streets, will give immediate employment to four good harness hands.

     A well known saloon keeper of this city was arrested yesterday, charged with committing a rape on the person of a married woman in this city.  He was held in bonds of $1,500 for his appearance.  The man claims that he is innocent of the charge, and that it is only a plan to extort money from him.

     Michael Callahan, a policeman, was arraigned yesterday before Squire White, charged with using insulting language toward Mrs. Wegstine, in West Kansas City.  The case is still under advisement.

     A regular rough and tumble fight was indulged in at Butch McGran's saloon, in West Kansas, night before last.  Butch and a man named McCormick were the principals in the melee.  It was all over before the police arrived, and consequently no arrests were made.

      Two Frenchmen in Company F, Fifth Infantry, deserted Saturday night at Fort Leavenworth, to go to France to fight for their country.

     At the meeting held in the Opera building, on Broadway, Wednesday night, a new parish of the Episcopal Church was organized in the west part of the city, to be known as St. Pauls.

     To-day the Stowe & Orton's great circus will enter the city in grand procession, a drove of Bactrian camels, the only ones on exhibition, being a prominent feature in the procession.  this show is said to be one of the best traveling, combining as it does three distinct companies in one, John Stowe's Great Western World Circus, Miles Orton's Egyptian Caravan, and Signor Gonzales' Troupe of Performing Dogs and Monkeys.  Among the performers are the champion child rider of the world, Miss Minnie Marks, and the celebrated equestrian, Mr. Miles Orton; besides the show has any number of other Equestrians, gymnasts, Somersaulters, Acrobats, Tight-rope Dancers, Wire Walkers, Jugglers, Tumblers, and Leapers.  They will give four performances here, one in the afternoon and another in the evening of to-day and to-morrow.