R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

Thursday, July 21, 1870.

     The river is stationary, and business on the levee is about as usual.  The Kate Kinney for Omaha passed up in the forenoon.

     Most of the prize fighters have left town; Barney Aaron and Sam Collyer went to New York to arrange a mill with Edwards.

     These are dull times with the squires, not a single case of any kind of wrong doing or short coming has been examined before either of them for several days.

     Harry Hamilton, the irrepressible "vag," "dead beat," and confidence man, is doing the city some service on the municipal rock pile.

     Sidewalks are being constructed on different streets -- a "boon" that will be appreciated by pedestrians.

     Prof. Spalding left the city yesterday for a brief visit to his former house in Michigan.  He leaves the Commercial College in charge of Profs. Williams and Schuets.  We cannot but commend the Professor's good judgment in getting as near the north pole as possible during the sweltering days.

     A letter reached our postoffice yesterday bearing the following lucid address:
         "My dear wife and children, God bless you all!"     Col. Foster don't know who to deliver the letter to.  No wonder!

      Brick Moulders' Strike. -- Yesterday morning the brick moulders, employed in the twelve or fourteen brick yards of this city, refused to work unless their wages were raised to $3.50 a day.  The rates heretofore paid have been $3 per day.  The strike was general, some fifty of the moulders participating in it.  They claim the advance of wages they demand is justly due them, and say they will not yield in their efforts to obtain higher wages.

     A quarrel that attracted much attention and comment took place yesterday at a boarding house not far from the Junction.  It arose from the efforts made by a man not altogether disconnected with a certain sewing machine agency, to win the affection of another's wife.  The incensed husband came out first best in the affray, fairly driving his foe from the premises.